Love Instilled by Fear


Never have I felt the sensation of numbness
Until I could touch it from my arid eyes to my dampened spirits.
I was forcefully dragged to your every whim,
Scorned by your self-righteous sermons,
And suffered through every degradation
In which you thought were innocently ethical and just.

Always have I felt the discrimination from your glares
To the jealousy in the internal fights.
You claim to have lost your child
In the support and care of another.
You voice out every vexation and every hurt
To the one you unknowingly neglect.
You scream to the whole world that she is yours and no one’s own.

You leave the house with a crooked brow and a spiteful tongue,
Yet enter work with masked pleasantries to hide your lack on concern.

What is the real face of that person?
Does the public better deserve compliments and good humor?
Or is the house a vessel for impurity and scorn?

Asserting your behavior is due to my selfish wants,
You give the excuse to raise your tone to inflict alarm.
Have I not proven myself worthy of love?
Am I an easy outlet for you to chain my neck?

Your desire for unquestionable love and favor
Brews turmoil for the soft-hearted and weak.

I hear him say “Love is earned by trust,”
Yet you seem to have the policy of “Love planted by fear.”
Tell me mother dearest, how far does that love go?


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