The Love I Wish I'd Known

Mon, 11/06/2017 - 20:52 -- jgroff

I can't pin point the moment 

"I love you"

became a threat

When the words that were meant to

warm my soul became

expectations instead


I love you

morphed itself into a

wolf in sheep's clothing

a poison dripping in manipluation


Your love for me is now

an appetite for control and

I'm afraid

You taught me that love

means ownership


It doesn't


Love is

the fire ignited in my brother's eyes

when I tell him of you

It's my mother's whisper

a heartbroken river of solace


I wish you could feel 

my best friend's embrace

Love is

her body absorbing my pain

Sharing it


I want you to know that

love doesn't scare me anymore

You do


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