The Love I Can't Live Without

The One Love I Can’t Live Without 

by: Julia Siriodis 


Has anyone ever asked you to explain your faith to them? 

If the answers no, you might be trying to explain it to yourself now. 

If the answer is yes, did you find it hard to do? 

I believe in God , I love God, I never question God, but I could never explain my faith in God.  

But one day, that question was answered. 

“Faith is like love. 

You could feel love, but you can not see it. 

Someone could tell you they love you, but how do you know if they really do?

You might say they could prove it, however it could all be a lie.

So can you ever really know if they love you? 

The answer is, no you can’t. 

You need to trust and believe in something you can’t physically see. 

The concept of love is just like faith. 

You need to truly believe in something you can not see. 

This my friends, is a true test of strength. 

To believe in something from just words, you will never be able to see it with your own eyes,

but you still know it’s there.”

This is the one love I can’t live without. 


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