Love hurts

Sun, 05/13/2018 - 05:31 -- L-Mic

Hey i think i fell in love, with a boy who was most likely sent from above.

Maybe its his eyes, the way they shine makes me want to reach out and have him already be mine. And hey i had that chance but i messed it up and now he is in someone elses hands.

 A million things hedhe'd do and say would just make me happy and brighten up my day. But now he's gone and i hate to admit it but i think im at fault for yelling a teeny bit.

 Okay,maybe im lieing and a teeny bit was actually alot and i didnt realize how his and I's tears were then brought. So i take the blame and it was all because of me, all because i thought his love was only pity.

but still the sun cant compare to the brightness of his smile and he makes this thing called living really worthwhile.


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