From Love to Heart Ache to Recovery

I don't know why this happens to me,

I don't know why I fucking bleed. 

You hold the knife so close and tight,

I scream and yell throughout the night.

You sleep peacefully safe and sound,

While I'm laying here with no one around.

I let you in and gave you a key,

You came bearing misery.

I was just a pawn in your game,

Can't believe I fell for it, I'm ashamed.

Now here I am, standing tall,

The pleasure you felt when you watched me fall.

Now I'm stronger than ever before,

It makes me sick you're who I adored.

My heart isn't broken, my love is strong,

Now I take pleasure in proving you wrong.

I'm no longer the names you labled me,

repeating this thought I am truly free.

I know that one day I will love again, 

And that time, checkmate, I'll win. 


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