Love > Hate

Wed, 06/18/2014 - 10:45 -- T_Gray

we used to love one and other unconditionally

but today we've lost faith

and yet people always ask me why there's so much hate

we take each others flaws and consider them in stakes

so I guess in a way that explains why this world is such a messed up place

think about that

if not even a couple can help grow each others love

then how do you stop two enemies from blowing each other up

so you see all our efforts of changing the world is a giant waste

if you cant give it to those who deserve it in the first place

anyway i'm not an angel i'm just another human

so when I say forever I mean for as long as I can

because no one could predict all the variables and nobody's flawless

but true love means you'll stick around regardless

it means trusting someone whole heartedly and not jumping to a conclusion

I mean lets face it we have some pretty stupid things ignorantly in confusion

and its controlling your emotions

and _____transferring________ energies into solutions instead of hysterically following a false illusion

and no matter how difficult this is to do because of all of the sorrow

its better to act now than to regret it tomorrow

so in moments of pain

we should practice tolerance and pray

and if you really feel that something's broken

you'd try fixing it before throwing it away

and then maybe love would become more than just another word

and after we define it we can help share with the rest of the world

and if not then there's no point in pretending to help

because you cant possibly love others without first loving yourself


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