Love Has No Gender

Wed, 01/07/2015 - 19:15 -- tlang


A couple walks together

Holding hands and smiling. 

Their love is grand, how can anyone deny it?

Why does it matter if their sex is the same?

They are happy together, just like you and I. 

Love is not a person but a feeling. 

Would you like to know what I feel? 

Just stop and listen to me, please. 

I may be just a teenage girl

But I know that their love is pure. 

I feel the pureness as I see it in their eyes, 

Hear it as they whisper their love one's name. 

The couple love is so strong,

Why do some hate it?

Are we not all humans? 

Not just skeletons inside? 

If I can change something, anything at all, 

I would change the way we see love. 


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