Love Has No Business With Me

At this time I feel like love has no business with me

He needs to stop knocking, because I'm not open.

At least not for the likes of Him.


I don't want his money or his fancy cars,

His money possessions cannot buy a ticket to this show - 

This show of love, of affection, of loyalty, of gratitude.


At this time I feel like love has no business with me 

His IOU's are no longer good here.

My product is only for sale in exchange for legal tender,

And by legal I mean not illegitimate, illicit, or unlawful.

And by unlawful I mean not lawful in the eyes of God my 

Lord and King under whose arm every knee shall bow

And at a word every tongue shall confess

That He is Lord.


At best love and I are acquaintances,

At worst love and I are enemies because

Love took something from me I didn't offer - 

And gave me something in return I didn't want.

And I will never forgive him for that.


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