Love Has Left Me

Thu, 07/11/2019 - 12:29 -- ckelcie

Love has left me on silent wings,

On rapturous wings of the morning.

And my heart doth yearns for the wily thing

That flitted upon enchanted wing,

And wittled away my wooden pall

That entombed my heart from sorrowing.

Love has left me on silent wings,

And my heart doth yearns for the dulcet ring,

That filled my heart with the harmony

To the heartbeat of another's melody....


To dream again of blue-green streams,

Shattering the sunlight as they dance and gleam

Surrounded and shaded by cacao trees,

And my heart is warmed by th passing breeze.


Love has left me on silent wings

And left my heart - to feel its sting.

To wander in the checkered light

Of sun and shadow; of black and white.

And now I'm left with memories,

Of blue-green waves of felicity,

And the earthy warmth of cacao trees

That always bloomed each passing spring.


My heart still feels felicity 

Once I dream these memories....

The tears now flow from sorrowing

To the farewell of love's silent wings




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