Love to a Girl Who's Never Known Love

Her whole life she's dreamt of love.

She's dreamt of euphoria,

All consumed euphoria.

She's dreamt of optimism,

Blind but sure optimism.

She's dreamt of unending joy,

Broken only by breakup.


But that is not love. 

Love is agony,

Dreading alone time,

Of missing always.

That is what love is. 


Time apart becomes torture.

While still wanting to remain

Independent and oneself. 

Subtly changing the girl, 

Without her being aware. 

Togetherness a craving,

Immediate and intense.


But another fate

The girl would not choose. 

Love does enlighten.

Love does overcome,

These obstacles faced. 


Perhaps love is her demise,

But this demise would be bliss. 



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