Love the Game

Wed, 10/29/2014 - 20:18 -- Jenna11

Basketball takes desire, dedication and heart.

Then you'll be at the top of the chart.

It takes a coach, captain and team endeavoring to do it's best.

When the game is over you can rest.

You have to be quick, modivatng and smart.

That kind of player takes alot of heart.

Dribble, pass, shoot all players love the game.

Not for the fame.

They just love the game.

They love the beat, the buzzer, the yelling, the sweat.

They love the basketball when it goes straight through the net.

Offence, defense, wing, point or post.

Play with heart until they burn'em like burnt toast.

Small, short, big, tall.

All players help out then they all do the wall.

This game isn't easy it's a big strife.

But I love this game because it's my life.




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