Love game

Sun, 07/27/2014 - 23:10 -- Dayvon

Love is the greatest thing in the world, but it’s also the hardest thing to find. Let’s say that I found it, but what if it’s causing me love and pain at the same time. Do I stare up at the sky and scream in vain asking who I must blame for such a twisted thing called the love game! This game is causing me to be  torn between love, hate, and pain while still looking like the smiling man I used to before I ment you, but I’m sadly losing myself as if I’m losing pieces of my brain each night. Loosing  that right to call myself sane while forcing a fake happy smile saying I’m ok and how is this a game when all I gain is pain and it was all thanks to this stupid love game! But I hate her just as much as I love her and she feels all the same things for me. I know we must leave each other, but I can’t let her go, I do not want to let her go, I fear of letting her go. I later realized that I never really loved you. I was just simply trap in your gaze only fooling me to love you is what I will tell myself every time I see a picture of your face, until I believe it to be true. I know me leaving you was right but I will regret it with tears for only a few passing nights. So I no longer need you as my light to a false state of happiness. I know I will find a new bigger and brighter light, and not one that only flickered on and off as you and I once did.


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