For The Love of The Game


United States
39° 55' 12.2196" N, 75° 16' 5.9628" W

Bottom of ninth,
Two Strikes on batter,
Men on first and second,
crowd cheering,
dugout still, waiting,
waiting for that moment,
to see if it will happen,
A walkoff?
Or a Strikeout?
Either way, one side will be happy,
Pitcher in windup,
Batter ready,
Pitch is thrown,
All eyes on the ball,
Batter swings,
Ball fly's into the gap,
Fielder starts chasing down the ball,
People start cheering,
Wondering will it drop,
Basebrunners, speeding around the bases,
Ball still in the air,
Traveling fast,
Center fielder still running,
He Runs, Runs, Runs,
Ball is dropping fast,
He still running,
at the last moment,
Makes the Catch!
Crowd oooo, aaahs, and boos.
Game is over
No postseason,
No World Series,
No nothing,
but do you give up?
Or do you pick your head up?
If you give up, your nothing,
but if you pick your head up,


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