i never knew love

it was a language foreign to me

everyone around me who spoke it

was in distraught and hurt from it

love wasn’t a language i wanted

to ever learn to speak

until i met you

the day i laid my brown eyes on you

my pupils dilated and glistened with joy

my heart finally grew out of the darkness

and bloomed with spring flowers


i never knew love

i never knew how much beauty one can hold

the language became familiar to me

and soon the words slipped my lips

as if it was my first language


i never knew love

until your warmth rubbed against me

and my safety was in your hands

when my hand glides into yours

i knew when you said forever

you meant it


but i never knew love

because throughout our moments

it was only temporary

the forever i held was not the same for you


i never knew love

because if i did , it wouldn’t have made me this way

cold hearted once again

while you run my mind


i never knew love

for months i thought you were my

new language, my savior who compelled me with joy

but now, i wish i never knew love

because now i know the sorrows and emptiness

everyone speaks about


i never knew love

because love doesn’t give you heart breaks while

you only give love

love doesn’t struggle to feel wanted

or like a cutting edge against the tongue

to withhold you from speaking your heart

i never knew love


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