Love at first sight

As a child my exploring eyes were wide

Illustrations vivid, but words my innocent hands would hide

But as I grew my soul longed for a friend

Black and white, single-spaced typed, times new roman

I had found love at first sight


Words had captured me

Intellectually freeing me from thoughts of negativity

It dissected me, like a school experiment, a revenant

Giving me blissful ecstasy, understanding and comprehending

Words meanings, now that I’m older comes easily,

My appetite for words became insatiable,

Dictionaries, newspapers, Google, my search was beyond occasional

Letters create words, words create sentences, and sentences create expression

Then a sassy, swaying poetry comes to teach me a lesson


The artistry of poetry came naturally,

I could remain anonymous or bellow that it was me

A familiarity I find in my mind which translates to words I scribble on the lines

Naturally a poet, I know it, but I will remain hidden in the shadows of the night

From the first mind blowing moment, I knew from words poetry was born, and I was in

Love at first sight.


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