The Love Express

Two trains race side-by-side,

each with its own one-track mind.

The tracks of "I love you"

bind themselves next

to each other, keeping their journey 

still and stable.


The fable of the lion and the mouse

teaches us gratitude.

What is given must be taken

in the same magnitude.


These trains give each 

other the same space, the same

pace. Neither of them take more

than what is needed

to finish the race.


As they chug along,

their windows stay open. 

All their features are exposed

to each other: one has leather seats, 

the other nylon. One looks newer, 

while the other looks older.

They move past

these differences,

not allowing them 

to have any significances.


Their conductors are the same:

in love with each other. 

When they get the chance, they utter

compliments and puns, 

but their voices are silenced by the 

noises of the train.


Choo choo! Their cadence is in sync,

but it only took one blink 

to see it all unhook.


One train was late, 

falling behind schedule. 

It's not easy to keep up.

It's not easy to catch up.


It gives chase 

after the other train,

but unable to see his partner, 

its conductor loses hope.

Instead of tracks,

their relationship balances 

on a tightrope. 




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