Is Love Enough?

Sun, 06/23/2013 - 12:22 -- lamisp


Not a sound in the world could break up their silence.

they sit,

about five inches apart,

won’t dare touch

he stares at her but she cannot look at him

she refuses to see the pain and confusion in his eyes

and refuses to show the hurt, betrayal tears swelling up in hers

her heart paces and his chases

he’s no longer able to catch up and follow her rhythmical beat

the intertwined souls

are now nothing more than two separate bodies

The thought of the summer days are now tainted

everything they shared are now tainted

memories and reminiscing should now be illegal

for none of it was genuine

strawberry swings rust and collects dust

wishing to throw all relics in the back seat and drive off without a glance

but she can’t

instead she sits in dead air next to him

Her core is weak

and he made it so

her head is heavy filled with conscience and unconscious thoughts

all involving him

her eyes are naturally puffy and red

from all the tears he’s made her shed

her arms are tired

from cradling herself to sleep late nights when he wasn’t there

her legs hurt

from constantly running from the bad thoughts

she wants to run far

and him to follow

but she knows he will not

so instead she sits in dead air next to him

She does not want him anymore

she seeks the person that she knows he has potential to be

but he, himself has not found that person

and she, herself cannot forever wait

she doesn’t even know if she should

being that he owns her heart

but she only continues to rent his

for he shares it with others

the sweet words he puts together made her believe

made her believe in a future that contained him and her together forever

to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do them part

but those are the same words put together for the other girl too

she cannot be mad cause he loves the other girl as well

probably more than he loves her ...

so instead she sits in dead air next to him

He reaches out and grasp her hand

his touch sends shivers through her body

she craves it

he’s her fix of heroin

she wants to pull away

but, instead she allows him to move closer

she smells him

masculine and dreamy

she finally meet his eyes

and it’s a guilty bittersweet feeling

he’s beautiful

his chisel, sharp, dark face

big eyes

big nose

big lips slowly curves into a smile

she smiles back but quickly turns away

the sun beams on her

her rich brown skin glitters

her eyes bright

her lips are more than kissable

she’s beautiful

the dead air quickly turns kinetic

she loves him

so she allows him ...

Is love enough?

is being in love with that person worth being hurt every time you give them a chance

being betrayed or played

He says I love you

but she’s uneasy about it

she’s not sure how this story will play out and how it will end

she could go for it

or call it quits now,

she could continue to play this game

or drop out while she has the chance

she can not control his words but, hers she can

she can not control his actions but, hers she can

And if any of these words fail to make a difference, I hope these last lines do

SHE LOVES HIM! But, she does not know if she could continue to stick around and “be there for him” when he fails to be there for her.



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