Love is easy

Love is easy to write about when you've faked it so many times. 
Is it really fake though,
to have loved many times? 
Even for merely one night, one moment.
How could I fake what 'we' felt?
Because I felt different later?
Maybe I was scared, scared to love, scared to feel that way.
Maybe I felt tricked, fooled into loving you. 
Maybe I felt vulnerable, my armor was gone.
I was submissive to your will,
even just for one second.
I was weak.
But even just for that one second, I was in love.
If you can't believe I was in love with you,
Believe I was in love with that moment,
I was in love with love itself.
My heart was a star and your soul was the universe,
Your eyes were windows into the future,
A future I am too young to aspire to, 
So I've come to believe. 
But believe this,
in that moment, in that short time we spent alone together,
In that moment you've forced out of your memory,
In that moment I didn't deserve to have,
I was helplessly in love, 
I felt like I belonged, 
I felt like we were connected.
But Love is easy to write about when you've faked it so many times.


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