Love Each Other or Die

“Love each other or die”


If little kids love chaos


They’ll leave their toys around


And then grandma will do all the picking up, and her back will hurt.


Mom will tell her to get it checked out but she won’t listen


And the kids will think mom and grandma are fighting so they’ll fight too


Dad comes home from work and the kids won’t give him a rest


So he’ll grab a drink


Mom will wonder why her kids are so misbehaved


Thanksgiving dinner will come and the relatives will be told to stay in hotels


So they’ll think the family is drifting


They’ll whisper amongst themselves


And cousins won’t be allowed more time to play


Time will pass


And in it develop teenagers


That relish in chaos


And ignore their parents


Who ignore their problems


Who ignore time as its passing, and it will pass.


They will grow in cages


Without personality


Without authentically reading a book


They’ll get ideas to write in birthday cards from websites


And buy presents out of tradition


And in the end


No one will attend their funerals


Besides the boss and his daughters

And the person who paid the babysitter



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