Love is a Drug

Love is a Drug

It can be annoying as bug or as welcoming as a rug

Love is better than weed because its something you need

It can be just like alcohol and cause quite the brawl

You cant even see it but you know that its real, because when it happens you just know it from the feel

Speaking of feeling it can be the best kind of healing

Its stronger than coke, and that is no joke

for if you never find love then thats what makes you broke

its just four little letters that make everything better 

the words wrap you up in a hug like a sweater

Love is a Drug

There will be times it seems lost, when really its just off 

There is no switch, though it will make you itch

Love gives you the feel of ecstasy, and when its gone you'll crave it desperately

Love can knock you out like herion, just hopefully when you wake up its there again

Love is like meth, you get hooked quick then the absence feels like death

Love is a Drug so it cant be taken lightly, do not think that I'm joking even slightly

Love shared between two blends together like a stew, but how to make it nobody has a clue

Once its there it cant be erased, and youll only be satisfied from tht special embrace

Love is a Drug

Love can make your brain feel like its on mushrooms, or relax you like a massage room

It'll go with you everywhere and always be there, the absence alone would leave you in dispair

Then you'll be sitting there with your arm in your chair

Not knowing what happened or where the years went, you sat to long waiting, you were stuck on the fence

I know this message is dense and it may not make sense, but dont let that happen its a natural defense

You're trying to act hard by putting up your guard, for this i feel sorry and give my regard

Because I have been smart and ive accepted the truth,

While Love is a Drug, It'll be your parachute 

This poem is about: 



This recipe for love is masterful ... you lacked in the stew the fungus of detachment ..., but in the right measure, that is the quiz of the question!  Love with salt and pepper as much as you like .... if you go over there, screw it up ... sorry.




what is not understood?


I don't understand anything of what you just said. Is that your own poem?


So what happens when it wears off?


So you have to talk about heartbreak, not love.  You would have gone through a certain duel and you no longer need the drug of that love.  ... you would be liberated from that love ...., but if there is obsession and hatred .... that is mismanaged love and not lack of love.

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