The Love Demons

Tue, 10/31/2017 - 18:22 -- rileyd

Because I love you I was in doubt.

To think it wasn't a drop of poison

To know it wouldn't ravenously consume

You followed me around like a dog that needs water

A malignant cancer that breathes with my lungs

Lurking in the dark

Hiding in the shadows

I tried to leave but it was comfortable.

I was a abandon spirit speaking refuge in your chamber.


Because I love you I struggle inside

I can’t forge a new path,

I can’t bask in the light,

I can’t fill this dark void with a new ode

I need a new song.

No longer lugubrious, nor melancholy.



My heart yearns for heaven,

Leave this murky love for anew.

Time is running out

Do it now COWARD!

It has already started

Do this today

Step up to the platform.

It’s not too late.

Because I love you I am not brave,

I can’t cleanse my temple

Find that spark

And purge myself from your chains that hurt me.


I am a stained coffee table

Your imprint seared onto my flesh,

I feel your presence

The breathing

The fear

The doubt

The ignominy

You are the voices of enemies that clog my judgement.


Because I love you

You should know what you do to me.

You make me a fool for love

A love that like a bee sting

Hurts so good but so bad.


You gravitate to me

I am your magnet,

I see the light creep upon my cracks,

Like a rising sunset it's a new day;

This is my redemption.

Love does not tear nor rip at the flesh



This is my farewell... to you


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