Love Defined

Oh, love. It's a fickle thing. 

I often wonder if it's more than a diamond ring.

I wonder if it's more than evading loneliness.

I wonder if it's more than craving affection.

Love is a word used too often in this world today,

Tossed about as leaves in the wind,

Not truly meant when whispered from friend to friend.

We say how we love our cars,

our food,

our houses,

our phones.

Do we?

It seems to me that love has become skewed.

Love is not for a phone

Love is not for a car. 

Love is not for spaghetti. 

Love does not deserve to be thrown around as filthy dish towel,

It is not a flimsy thing.

Love is the word that can shake the world.

Love is the strongest word.

It is the simplest word.

Love is an action.

It is the aching chest,

is is the weeping unrest,

it is binding, 

it is unwinding,

and it hurts and it heals.

Love is a weapon in the wrong hands.

Love is a whisper of soothing calm from gentle lips.

Love is selflessness.

Love cannot truly be defined if it has never been felt or seen.

Oh, how I wonder sometimes if love has been lost. 

But then I see it.

It is in the small places. It is often unseen.


But it is there.

One only need know what it truly is.  

This poem is about: 
Our world


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