Love deeper than the blue of deep

Love deeper than the blue of deep


My love is deep, deeper than the blue of deep

My love is envied by all of mankind, 

not just the humans, but gods on high.


They covet my happiness for I love a star


My love is strong, close or afar, it cannot be held not even by bars


The sun shines down, and waves crash at it’s grace


When I wake I look at an angel with a face


You can search but will not find,


for what I have is divine.


Heaven can not fathom the love that I hold


arctic winters, yet I feel no cold


The sun, the moon, the stars above,


she was made to shine, she was made to love


I welcome each day with a soft hello,


Knowing you’re here 

makes comfort out of stone.


Walk up a mountain it is nothing but steep


My love is deep

deeper than the blue of deep

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This was beautiful


Thank you so much!


The title itself was a nice as the poem. They both caught my attetion and it was lovely to read. 

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