The Love of a Cynic

l was raised as a cynic,
The daughter of lies and hate.
I was raised to acknowledge
That love couldn't last.
That people came
But they always left.
I witnessed,in my childhood,
What people called love.
I watched as it ripped apart families
As it destroyed souls.
I would hear the cries of the broken,
The screams of their desperation
And I would soak it in.
Let it become a part of me.
I saw this "love" rip apart skin.
I traced the etched lines and I knew
That this was not love.
I learned that love no longer existed
That in this world,
It had become a foreign concept.
I lost hope in the world,
In mankind.
And I hid my fragile heart from their evil.
I locked it inside of me
And vowed to never release the key.
But all that cynicism,
All that protection,
Didn't work.
For after 17 years,
Even though I have seen what "love" does,
And I have breathed the lies,
I still fell in love with you.



Wow! What a splendid poem! It's a great thing that the speaker doesn't give up on love even though the love around her seemed far from what love was suppose to be. Keep writing on my friend.

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