The Love Behind the Mystery


Never knowing your future with someone else is the sweetest torture known to man. Will the one you love ever love you back? Will he ever be willing to take a chance and see that all he's ever wanted is right there in front of him? Will he ever realize that your feelings for him are deeper than he could ever imagine?

What seemed to be a superficial attraction has turned me into a hopeless mess,and my thoughts echo his name every second of every minute of every hour of every day until I can no longer hold it in anymore and feel like I have to see him again or I'll die.

Part of the mystery is to know whether or not he loves me in return. It sometimes seem as if I'm like his little sister or his best friend; other times, he can seem as though he wants me just as much as  I want him.  He's the most intelligent man I've ever met and what others see as useless rambling I see as sparks of genius. When I watch him talk, the only thing that mystifies my head and rings in my thoughts is just how badly I want to kiss him. I've had crushes before, but this seems as though I will never find anyone as special as him.   Even as I type, my fingers' movements and clicks over the keyboard match the flutters of my hopelessly romantic heart as I continue to think of the possibility of us ever living happily ever after.



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