In Love With Another


If I could stretch my arms on the dial and twist the hands of time, I wouldn't.

To manipulate the timeless investment

the countless seconds I gazed in your eyes.

To shatter the existence of our being.

Time is of essence

and pain is substantive.

The ignition of my happiness faded in the hours.

The dials slowed,

The seconds slimmed.

My gazing eyes turned into vague stares.

My passion locked away from your grasp.

Investing in my own happiness ,

twisting the hands of time in my favor.

I fount hours over seconds of happiness.

She saw me, acknowledged my presents ,

detaching the shadows of my past from our existences.

Pain became substantive to my happiness.

You gave me love,

this hurt brought lustful desire, if I were enlightened by the walks of a righteous man

I would turn the hands of my heart towards your favor.

But there's no explanation for the love I have for another woman.


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