Love and Loved

To loathe a word such as loved; you wish to know how this can be?

It goes against what love truly means to make you see.

“I love you and always will,” is when to be away from them would kill.

For love means that your feelings run deep, even if it should make you weep.

Love is a feeling that has no end, but that people always seem to pretend.

Love is undying, even when the one you love leaves you crying.

Love is a lovely thing, sometimes it will make you sing.

Love can cost, but never be lost.

“I loved you once,” is what they say, but love can’t really go away.

Saying loved is like saying they're not worth anything at all; you don’t shed a tear while they bawl.

Loved means you enjoyed having them to call, but never found what makes a shining gem look dull.

Loved is like the moon gone obscure, while love is the one and only cure.

Loved is different story, which tends to be a bit gory.

Loved means you lied, that you now try to hide.

Loved is a pain and the most bitter tear stain.

So my friend do you see how?

I can loathe the word loved and still bow to the tense that means now.


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