Love is and isn't

I love you means I’m here for you even when it’s tough,

I love you isn’t making me feel like I’m not enough.

I love you is a gentle touch and not a push or shove,

It is giving your whole heart and showing me your love.


I love you is for always and not just when you need,

It is watering a flower, not stepping on a weed.

I love you is I love you, you and only you,

I love you isn’t having me while having others, too.


I love you isn’t tear-filled nights and feeling all alone,

It’s having a bad day and knowing you will feel like home.

Loving isn’t forcing me to do things I don’t like,

Or calling me those awful names when I don’t do it right.


I love you isn’t hurting me then saying you are sorry,

It isn’t kissing scars you left and saying “babe don’t worry”

I love you is no matter what, I’ll always put you first,

It is enjoying me when I’m at my best and accepting me at my worst.


Now I’m not saying love is perfect; it’s actually quite a mess,

Love is work and love is hard and love is even stress.

Loving isn’t easy but what’s important here, you see,

Is the love I had for you isn’t what you had for me.


All you ever did was teach me how to hate myself,

Meanwhile, I watched you give my love to someone else.

For months my heart was broken; I thought I’d never love again,

I scribbled down my heartbreak with some paper and a pen.


It took some time and effort but I finally mastered the art,

Of writing down my feelings to mend my broken heart.

I thought you were my only love, then I thought you were my last,

But now I see my future and you are just my past.


Love is good and love is bad and love is imperative,

But self-love something we often don’t know how to give.

I thought I’d never love again but here I stand today,

Teaching an important lesson so listen as I say…


Before you try to love another, learn to love you first

Because that is how you find someone who truly knows your worth.


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