Love And Hurt

Your man is a philanderer.
It must be very painful.
I know it feels like the end of the world,
But don’t worry, dear.
You’ll survive the heartache.
If you can’t bear the pain of love,
Don’t be afraid to cry.
You won’t feel this way forever.

You gave him your all.
And he deceived you.
What good is a torch without flame?
He’s not going to marry you.
This is just one of his flings.
Don’t you see the signs?
Quit pining for him.
Come out and shine.
A new lover is waiting for you.

It hurts because he’s your first love.
Your virginity you gave him.
He’s a liar and a user.
You express your grief,
But he’s not worth your tears.
You’re a sensible girl.
A perfect love doesn’t exist on earth.
Love and hurt go together.

Think carefully before you act.
Don’t rush headlong into a love affair.
Good looks can deceive you.
He coaxed you into going with him.
You trusted him with your heart.
His infidelity drove both of you apart.
But what can you do?
Love is like a game of chance.
You can either win or lose.


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