Love and Hate

Tue, 02/04/2014 - 02:20 -- sdunh12

I am the one you hate and love.

Everyone suspects me but no one sees me.

I sit in the corner reading my book,

I walk down the path smiling,

Another part of the changing scenery.

I’m suspected to be the worst

Yet am always deemed innocent.

I fall between the cracks

Yet am always remembered.

I don’t know your name,

I don’t know your face,

No one seems to know me either,

Yet I am always recognizable.

I’m the one who speaks in class

When others raise their hands.

I talk in the movies

When everyone else wants quiet.

Theres a gnat buzzing by your ear,

Yet when you reach for it its gone

And the reason for reaching is gone too.

I’m the one that’s always there,

But left invisible.

I’m cursed to be the one that

You both love and hate.


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