Love all the same

The world turns its back
But the stars still shine
When did we start hating
All of man kind

Wrong kind of skin
Wrong kind of mind
Wrong kind of love
But a love that is mine

You say youre okay
You say you don’t hate
You say that,
They all say that
But inside they all

But they don’t know
About the touch of smooth skin
They don’t know
How the hearts beat within
The speeding of a pulse
The rush of the blood
To the brain
Your love, their love, my love
Is love all the same.

But when the world turns
It’s back
On them, on us, on me
I can lay my head against
Against their chest
And breathe
And listen to their heart
And feel the comfort of the
Between the sheets

While the world says
I’m not okay
I turn my head
To the cheaters
Non believers
And bummed out losers
And I take comfort
In the soft skin
And arms
Of something that’s
And safe

Your hate is worth their love
To look in those eyes
Lose meaning of time
Know that their mine
You can think
Hate and say what you need to say
But the feeling I have
Tells me
My love conquers all
Your hate is a small road block in the way

I’ll rest my head tonight
And ill be safe
And all will be right
So while mine goes off while I sleep
Turn yours on,
and see what I see

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