A Love That is All I Need

My parents jokingly ask me

Who owns your heart?

The answer is always the same

I tell them

My grandma owns my heart


My grandma, with her wiseness

Her love, so deep and pure

Her smile that can be spotted

Shining light through her loving heart

With a kindness that cannot be obscured


She lives about six hours away

Not by car

Not by train

But by plane

A distance that never fails to separate us

Physically, that is.


Until I see her again

A love, so strong, will keep us close

Despite there being such a distance

Some people say separation brings people together

But I truly believe it’s our heartstrings that hold no resistance


One day I will have to learn how to live without her

I moment I dread and wish to delay

But, like every beautiful thing in this world

Her existence on this earth is only temporary

And soon she won't be here to brighten my day


My grandma

The one who holds me when I need comforting

As she promises to never let go

The one whose laugh comes alive through my end of the phone line

A laugh that never fails to make me smile


When she held me as a baby

On my birthday, seventeen years ago

My big brown eyes locked into her bright blue ones

Eyes, that were sixty years older than mine

At that moment, a newfound love began to rise


She taught me the meaning of love

A love I yearn to reflect

A being I hope to become

While every lesson she teaches me I try to apply

I know I won't be as perfect as she


A woman I’m honored to call my grandma

But really, she’s more that just that

My grandma is a part of me

A part that will never leave me

No matter where she goes


My grandma is all I need

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My family
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