love is all- all ways, always. for you are me.

Sun, 10/29/2017 - 14:24 -- k.a.

for you.

for you I would always protect

and for you I would never neglect

for you I would swim the Baltic Sea

and plant a thousand shady trees

for you I would climb the highest mountain peak

and take a bullet through the cheek.

for you.


because for me, there is a great capacity for uncertainty.

for me, there are days of internal stormy weather when I just can’t keep myself together.

and living is like that of suffocating: I am unable to come up for air.

for me, there are those days when heart wrenching pain tugs on my chest, my muscles, my bones.

and it turns my body into stone;

so insufferable that I can't help, but to collapse.

I try to fight with every ounce of strength left in my being.

and yet, I still collapse.

stripped down to my core, I feel as if can't break down those walls that are closing in.

and I become... undone.

an oppressive weight is placed upon my shoulders, stifling my chest and slowing my heart to a mere murmur.

I fight with every ounce of strength left in my being-

and yet, I still collapse.

my knees shatter beneath me, as I am forced to kneel: I'm enveloped into the walls with an unsavory appeal.

and so I wait here silent, head turned down.

an old guitarist,

I lay an unpainted artist

all that's left is my sight, my breath, my sound.

each fades out after the other.

but something- no; someone within tells me-

get up, son. learn to fight another day.

get up, son. learn to fight another day.

for you.

for our energy and love that will light the world...

my head snaps into place, eyes awake, spine stacks neatly at each vertebrae, and arms keep straight.

I stand. tall.


I refuse. to fall.

for you.

for you, I will always



and that single-last ember inside of me swells with each awakening,

and she tells me: good job son, learn to fight another day.


so then I'll ask of you,

look in the mirror.

and really see yourself.

whether it's with a bold clenched jaw, or tear stained eyes that answer others cries.

let all of your muscles fluctuate and see your strength...

focus on the subtle tones that form and pulse with your every beautiful heartbeat-

and immerse yourself in your fears with every drawing breath.

emerge victorious.

because I’ve learned, that those walls, closing in?

are my own damn hands pressing me thin-

trying to save myself from any retched pain within.

but, for you-

for you, for her, for him, for them...

for you all, I would do ALL because I have nothing left to lose.


cause believe me, love-

you are one.

you are whole.

and you have matter.

you are the center of the universe.

for you,



and I love you.

for you

are me.


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