Love Is In The Air and I'm In The Water


United States
48° 29' 22.9776" N, 116° 27' 27.4032" W

Scratch. Scratch. Scratch.
Can any one hear me?
(I think it's empty)
An empty space
Laid to waste
Waste away
Until there's nothing
For me to do
Til I'm filled up to the neck
In regrets
And as they fill me up
I wonder
(Is this all there is?)
Is this the kind of love
That ravers rave about?
Is this it?
Where is it?
(The passion, the fire, the carnal desire)
Under a rock
But a rock
Is all I have in this coffin
(It's all I have)
And it's all I can do to stay above
The water.
Scratch. Scratch. Scratch.
Is this life's path?


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