A love affair between We, Her, You & Me

Before I met her there was we

a distant memory of the people we used to be, the bond that could never be broken

because blood was thicker than water 

and water was always too stubborn to come out of sad eyes 

I miss you

We were inseparable, we were too much alike 

both blatantly ignorant to the fact that these memories won't last forever 

I wanted them to last forever.


She was appealing because her stories had no hold on me, 

an easy escape from the unfamiliar reality, 

holding her at arms length twisting her words into my own, 

watching as her stories stained my hands. 


We began to be a blurred line of You and Me,

the bright lights that illuminated  your house,

wrapped in a warm glow and a scent of lavender, 

is the reason your house caught on fire 

our memories engulfed in flames 

and your mind left disease-written,

We were wrapped in temporary forevers and a scent of burning hope.


I ran to her because we started to change 

she wrapped herself around me and let me soak up her presence

Her stories became my own and her words fit perfectly

She was was poetry and I was lost

We were family

And now you're gone.


This poem is about: 
My family
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