Love is an Action, NOT a Feeling

Wed, 11/13/2013 - 12:59 -- Damiia





A word that is said too much and isn't said enough. It brings people together in the strangest ways

and warps the mind. Love is a word that has changes means every generation or so. In the up until

the so called 'modern age',

Love was when a man would humble himself in front of his peers and

that one, cherished soul, pledging to give up his honor, life, and fortune for the affection of that


THAT is Love.

When a woman goes against her families wishes and marries a man

'unworthy' of a woman of her standing.

THAT is Love. 

When a man stays pure for his future wife, and she for him.

THAT is Love.

People understood what saying 'I Love You' was; they understood the gravity, the

inpact, of those three, small words. and they understood that Love isn't a FEELING, but an ACTION.

Today, we as a generation are trying to go back to our roots, but the people of the previous

generation are teaching you their dirty ways: ways of meaningful words being tossed around

carelessly. I am not saying you should rebel against authority, but people PLEASE! Don't let other

people decide what makes you happy! YOU know that better than anyone else, right?

If you truely

Love someone, TELL them!!! I have seen marriages, relationships, hell friendships, fall apart

becaus epeople don't know how you feel about them! Love isn't always a romantic thing. I myself

love my family and my two best friends who are practically sisters to me. Love is a blissful,

wonderful thing.


Don't waste it because your too scared to make a difference.



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