Waking up to words from you gets me through the day

I try my best to hide the way I feel but fuck

You’re my sun, my stars, my angel like Charity

But I’m the demon who can only hurt you if you know the truth


I’ve written songs for you

Been there for you

Fallen in love with you

I’ve got this hole in my heart that only you can fill

You’re so close to me but so fucking far


All I want is to hear you laugh

See you smile

Hold your hand

I want to kiss you in the rain


You hold me up when I can’t bear it
And you don’t even know how important you are

No matter how many times I say ‘I love you’

It never seems enough


When I see you smile, my stomach drops

When I hear you laugh, I hear angels sing

This is a mess

Just like the way I’m a mess for you


I need you

If I had to give up my air to be with you I would

If I had to give up my life to make yours happy I would

And it fucking terrifies me how much I love you

How much I need you


Remember when you left?

There were too many times I cried for you

Realization dawned and I knew I was fucked

Had been from the start


This hurts

But getting to know you

And have you in my life

I wouldn’t have it any other way


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