Love--- the essence of what keeps me warm when everything else has left me to freeze

But what happens when love wants nobody, and pain wants everyone?     

Love will crawl into your heart & remove the dark interpretations that you called love

Love is that one drug I'd get high off of

I want that 3 am love, when I'm home alone and no one answers the phone

But love--- it answers and assures me I'm fine and that I'm not at home        

I'm in an outer galaxy floating amongst my dreams

Where everything is what it seems

And by any means--- I can love who I want and not fear them not loving me back

Because in my perspective love doesn't work like that

It's universal and has no objective

I'd just hope that when I say this that you respect it

Love, so powerful yet so misunderstood

With the intentions to always do you good

Love is pure

This I'm sure

There's no storm it can't endure

There's no fault it can't secure

Love--- so rare but commonly spoken

Like a tossed token of emotions that should be revoking

It's important because whose going to love you if you don't love yourself first

It's all a matter of self worth

I cannot live yet alone breath without love in my possession

Love will lead you out of any depression

Make you confess any confesssions

I'd like to think love has even taught me a few lessons


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