In Love

I’m in love with the air

I’m in love with the sky
I’m in love with love
But I don’t know why
No arms to hug me
No lips to kiss
No breath to be caught
No man to miss
I’m in love with the trees
I’m in love with the rain
I’m in love with life
And I feel no pain
No hand to hold
No eyes in mine
No dates no flowers
Yet I feel fine
I’m in love with love
It’s enough for me
In love I’m caught
In love I’m free


The Little Prince

I don't really come on this website often, and I rarely look up poetry (I'm afraid I'm rather inconsistent). All that said, I really like this poem. There's a simplicity to it which isn't pretentious, and is perfectly honest. There are many ways to write poetry badly, but this is actually quite pretty. I also can relate to the sentiment of being in love with some abstract concept, or being filled with an emotion which seems to be directed at nothing in particular. There is nothing in this for me to really criticize or elaborate on (not a bad thing). I haven't read anything else of yours, but I may do so soon. Thanks!


I love this.

grestasa miller

-I Love This Poem, It Flows . It Has Its Own Voice. :), You Should Keep Writing .


Awesome job. LOVE this poem!




love with love 

s love with you 

thts was d first thng 

i evr do 


is tht fine 

love with urslf 

is tht mine

or sm1 else 

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