Love is not a box of chocolates,

Or holding hands down the street,

It's not a metallic ring,

Or a pretty face,

Love does not stand for selfishness,

True love never dies,

Love does not appeal to the physical,

Love does not bow down to anything,

Love doesn't come with a price tag,

Love doesn't demand,

Love is supportive, kind, and generous,

Love is thoughtful, caring, and all embracing,

Love is open minded, free and hopeful,

What love is, always seemed obvious to me,

It's to cheer someone up when down,

To support when there is only darkness,

To embrace the beauty of a person,

Who's value is more than life to you,

Someone who is a secret keeper,

Someone who is a best friend,

Someone to connect to,

Because not everyone understands,

Someone to walk miles for,

Someone to approach your fears for,

Someone to think of you,

To know you for you,

Love is not disrupted by time,

It's not foolish, jealous or hurtful,

For love is heaven at heart,

It's the sugar in candy,

The warmth of a fire,

The electric in music,

And a love that is evil does not exist,

Keep the money, roses, chocolate and cards,

Keep the gifts, promises and words,

Because love cannot be described by materialism,

Nothing you can buy can be good enough to celebrate love,

But a word, a time, an embrace,

It's all your own and forever,

That, is Love.

And that, is you.


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