Love Is...


United States
40° 27' 3.294" N, 79° 54' 8.9208" W
United States
40° 27' 3.294" N, 79° 54' 8.9208" W
Love is when she sleeps in your arms
Then wakes up in your dreams
And things are hard to believe so this ain't really what it seems
She whispers I know love ain't been smooth it's your chance to redeem
And prove your of value to a human being
When your fingers connect better then your bond
And her voice becomes your favorite love song
She remains in three places even when she's gone
Your heart, mind, and fantasies all night long
Love is when she doesn't depend, she knows your there
And as she lays in your arms you play in her hair
Reminding her that her flaws are one with the air
And remind her that you've overlooked them without a care
And in that moment, together you define love at it's best 
Celebrating because you've passed all of loves tests
Laying together, being nothing but blessed
Love is this moment as she lays and owns the heart in yo chest


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