Is this love?

Umm is this love?

It seems something has hit me,

Since the day I saw him my head was spinning around with his image in it,

Why is it i can not eat or sleep?

Am I coming up with something like a cold?

I am not sure, but every time I come out I wish his precense was there,

I wish we could talk for ages,

It sounds crazy or am I really crazy?

I see him and a smile comes out my mouth without permission,

Oh God, what is happening to me, 

My body acts without my mind,

This can not be love, can it?

My heart does a weird sound when he comes around,

It beats so fast I feel it will explode in a second,

I think it is,

But how? 

No its probably something else,

But who am I kidding,

Yea I am,

I am in love.


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