Love is a scary thing.

It ends with fighting and tends to fail.

That's what I grew up believing at least.

So Love scared me.

I didn't believe Love could last. 

Until I met her.

She changed my perspective on love.

She made me believe that it could work.

But tell me why i'm still scared.

Why I constantly think of my parent's "Love"

That's not love, I don't know what it is.

But it's not love.

Love is (in my opinion) when the person is all you want.

When after a bad day they're all you wanna see.

Or when your'e sad you just want to be in the comfort of their arms.

Not taking your bad days out on them.

Or getting mad at them for not understanding. 

Love has to have comunication.

Not one sided either. 

Love isn't a one sided thing. 

Love is an all sided thing.

You love them no matter what mood your'e in.

No matter what happened during the day. 

Love is Love.

No fighting, not screaming.

I'm not saying love can't involve those things.

I'm saying Love isn't just those things.

Love, I Love her.



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