Here I am back with the same beat

really wish I would just get off my feet and snap back into reality

I keep putting myself through the same brutality, now its leading to my fatality

You see Ive done fell in love again, but no this aint the same sob story brohem

just sit down and listen again.

it all started when we first layed eyes on each other

its was so unbelievable how i felt we belonged together

i had no doubt in my mind about the love we, cant decline

girl i was so high in cloud 9 that dont nobody

know how to bring me down to a straight line

now i sit in silence all alone

in my thoughts, drowing myself with alcohol

a 1sip, 2sip, 3sip and a 4...another one empty

just as usual, forever on a sea of lonely

soon to be leveled out on the floor

they say love will come when lease expected

but what about the shots you dont take, you miss it

so back to square one, dont nobody know anything about love

i know im not young, but i want a son


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