The sun and moon came out to play. 

The moon, that’s me, that went astray. 

The sun, that’s you, came down from above. 

But how could the sun and the moon fall in love? 

How could the moon, as dark as can be, be matched with the sun who’s full of glee?

The sun glowed with a light oh so bright, it attracted the moon every day and night.

The moon he thought that he was alone, until this sun came to be known.

He loved her with grace at a fast-moving pace and felt his heart fall in place. 

The sun she thought that darkness feared, her light was going to disappear.

She had a plan, she thought so quick, she knew just what would do the trick.

She made a plan to meet the moon and so the two star crossed lovers swooned.

She kissed his cheek and held his hand, the moon he smiled and felt so grand.

He cupped her cheeks and kissed her lips, and so began the first eclipse.

So how did the moon and the sun, be the first two lovers to be as one? 

They learned to love and die each day, so that their love would always stay.

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