You view love as a mysterious thing,
But love is not as complicated as you think
Love can take you in any direction
Your success or failure depends on you
Nobody but you knows your emotions,
So get up and make a decisive move

Love is waiting for you somewhere
It is only a matter of time before you find it
Love is not responsible for your sadness
You receive the kind of love you show
Does your heart have genuine love?
Pause and think about this for a moment

Do not aim just to satisfy your desires
Consider the feelings of the other person
Being possessive leads to jealousy
True love dwells in a pure heart
Please do not belie love because of anger
Your mind prevents you from enjoying life

My dear friend, love is as real as life
It is better than everything you know
There is someone out there for you
You say it is difficult to find a good partner
Are you looking in the right places?
Perhaps you do not know what you want

Erotic love will not solve all your problems
You seem to have a mistaken view of love
What kind of heart do you really have?
You must answer this question yourself
Unrealistic expectations will disappoint you,
But unstinted giving brings true happiness

In truth, love is not an injurious thing
You should not blame love for your pain
Love is everywhere and it is so clear
Do not despair; love will always be here
Open your heart and pour out your feelings
And someday you will find romance


Precious Oppong

Wow, splendid. Classic.
Love will always be there.

Marlon Pitter

Thanks for your comment.


This is very true, all of it.
My dilemma is that I feel like my girlfriend of 8 years and mother of my child is having a tough time with these facts... based on resentments etc... idk just want my soulmate back to being 100 with me.

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