Something about hearing this song on the piano makes me sad

I still love you even though I don’t want to

I wish I had it easy,

Where I could just hit a stop button and forget you

It doesn’t work like that

Love is complicated

It comes when you least expect it and leaves when you need it most

Well that’s when someone would say “that’s not love”

But if it’s not love then why am I constantly thinking of him

Wondering if he’s ok

Hoping he’s sleeping well

Praying his demons away

And asking God to protect him

Tell me what it is

Infatuation fades but this has lingered way too long

I’m confused I want a book on how it’s done

Why do I still care

Why can’t I just walk away

Even though we haven’t talked in months I still feel your presence

I still wish you laid in my bed

I see your smile in my head

I feel the stare of your coffee eyes

I hear your voice asking me why I’m staring at you

In my head I think he just doesn’t know

He is a king

The strongest of them all

He won’t let life beat him

He’s way too strong

For him I hope for the best things In life

I wish I knew exactly what he needed so I could’ve been perfect for him

But I sit and watch from a distance with my eyes closed

If I can’t see you or hear you I hope it will help me to lose this feeling

No matter what I do, it’s YOU

Every person I talk to isn’t you

It’s just YOU

I’ve never wanted to love and leave a person so bad

But YOU, you’re special

I’ll always love you and I’m here if you need anything

LOVE please call him and tell him,

She’s forever here for you because she LOVEs you


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