We think


is a funny thing,

It tells us we’re supposed to like flowers and butterflies,

And boys who give us both,

It tells us if we like boys or girls, 

And anything or nothing in between,

Love gets mad when others tell us which is more right than the other,

Trust me, 

Love told me so itself,

Love said they like giving out flowers, 

But never the same kind,

Different types of flowers bloom in different emotions, 

A yellow

Gardenia can mean friendship or secret love, 

They are grown in a greenhouse called the friendzone,

And if love tells someone to get you red or pink roses,

I’d never let them leave as easily as a petal might fall, 

While on the other hand a yellow carnation means you done messed up, 

And you probably best

Love to run, 

I am not particularly big on flowers 

But i would cherish a dandelion if it meant you were thinking of me when you picked it, 

Like different types of flowers, 

We all know love likes giving out butterflies too,

Love sends me blue ones when I look at you but I see monarchs when I look at my dog,

I feel red and brown spotted one’s when the waitress brings my food to the table, 

So many daily things give us butterflies, 

But my favorite ones come from you-


Volim te, 

I love you

Je t’aime,

I love you,

Te quiero, 

I Love you,

Mi amour,

I love you

Language is a funny thing,

I’m fluent in red roses and blue butterflies when I am with you.


Is a funny thing,

The first time it showed up, 

I hardly even knew she was there.


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Our world


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