This Love

Wherever I enter a coffee shop
There are invisible hearts
Between the empty spot
Where 2 souls are connected
In some months or days or are now blended
There's love and they are worshipping
The symbol of a mental happening
The 2 turtle doves
On the other hand, there are some people
As still as sand
Black coffee or a latte
There's a creamy design of a broken heart
THEY are mentally living in the dark
Under the rule of a question mark
Diary pages filled with why me? Or
Why did he or she?
AND they are not able to see
Cause they are drowning in the tears' sea
In short words they are sad
AND I get to know that this love is good
AND also this love is bad.

WHEN I'm walking down the autumn park
There are couples with tangled strings of heart
In their mind they're singing Love Story
THEY show their love and they're not sorry
I was reading Romeo And Juliet
A story of a girl and a boy
Who fell in love when they first met
A sad beautiful tragic ending
AND the God of Love is standing there
With his hands widespread and welcoming
The young souls, who loved each other till the end
AND loved each other even when they were dead
Some people have their hearts
Like an old tree which has lost all his parts
He loved her with all his might
Was there with her in hardest times
He gave her love, but all she gave was goodbyes
He gave her roses, but she left them there to die
But he didn't cry, didn't give a regretion sigh
He got to know that sometimes
This Love is good
AND also this love is bad
And this love was all he got from the DEVIL
And he had to let it go free
AND someday this love might come back to him.

This Love can leave a permanent mark
This Love can also glow in the dark
This Love can make you sad
This Love can also make you carve 2 names on the wood
Cause this love is good
AND also this love is bad.

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