Love is...

Love is when you feel all the blood from your body rush to your face.

When you feel this warmth inside that cannot be replaced.

When you see them and the only thing you can do is grin.

When you’d stay with them forever even if you knew it was a sin.

When you have a fight but before you go to sleep make amends,

because you know any moment could be your last, that’s when you know it’s

not pretend.


Love isn’t not talking to each other for days when one of you is mad.

When neither one of you cares if the other has a problem, or if they are sad.

It isn’t “dealing” with each other or playing in the others head.

And it isn’t fighting with one another and not resolving it before bed.

When your kids are the only reason you’re willing to stay,

When there’s a gun to their head but you choose to run away.


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